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Email To SMS

The new service provided by

Send Mass SMS with a simple e-mail from your favourite email client.


User manual

Your email has to be send at mail2sms(at)
The email's body has to be sms
The email's Body has to have the following form:
{username}: Username for
{password}: User password for
{sender}: The name you wish to be apeared as sender on recipient's phone
{To}: The mobile numbers of recipients separated with comma ','
{Message}:The text message you wish to send in a single line  without the use of Enter (new line)

You have to include the keywords user,password,Sender,To,Message followed by : like shown above.


After you send the email you will soon recieve an automated response message from the system informing you if the send message proccess have completed with success or not.

The username and password have to be an active account of and the account has to have credits else the message send proccess will fail.

Thank you for using our services
The team

Case study of the service

From: alekos(at)
To: mail2sms(at)
Subject: sms

{username}: some_username
{password}: some_password
{To}: 306945123456,306978456789,306944654987,306932568954
{Message}: Test message


Από: alekos(at)
Προς: mail2sms(at)
Θέμα: sms

{username}: some_username
{password}: some_password
{To}: 306945123456,306978456789,306944654987,306932568954
{Message}: Δοκιμαστικό μήνυμα

The sender length has to be 11 characters maximum or else the system will automatically trim it to the allowed length.
The mobile numbers of recipients must always have the country's phone code.
e.g. for a mobile number that is in Greece the send number has to have infront of it the 30 (e.g.  306945123456)

The email's encoding has to be in the form of UTF-8 or ISO-8859-7 if the message to be send is in Greek language.

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